Day 17. Scone – Waffle – Pancake

Day 17. Scone –  Waffle – Pancake


I opened a package to make some scones this morning with a simple mix. 

I started adding stuff into the bowl 

and mixing the recipe as written on the package.

Then, I realized that I was using the wrong recipe.  

I was using the recipe for waffles! 


The problem is that I don’t have a waffle machine at home! 


So, I poured the mix on a heated pan and made pancakes instead!

Guess what?

The taste was… just like scones! 🙂



today’s lesson is the following…

Never get too serious while your are cooking, 



Everything will turn out just fine!



Secret Tattoo – 7/17/12


(*The pancake tasted awesome, but not very presentable!)

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