Day 139. Toothless is home

In After two weeks, I picked up Toothless from Lena & Ted’s house.

They were so excited to tell me how well Toothless behaved, and how obvious it was that the cat was loved by ‘J’ and me.

I felt so happy and proud of the Toothless.

When we took him home, he went under the bed immediately and stayed there for hours,

which worried me a bit.

‘J’ told me that he remembers us, but he must be confused and worried that we might leave him again, so that the cat is pouting.

‘J’ was right.

Four to five 4-5 hours later, Toothless started following me everywhere I went, go.

and now while that I’m writing this diary, he is sitting set close to me snoring.

I missed you, Toothless.
Mommy will take care of you forever…

I love you.

Secret Tattoo – 11/18/12

Corrected by Tutor ‘TomnJJ’

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