Day 140. At Ray’s Boathouse

2 years and 8 months ago, I met ‘J’ at Ray’s.

It was a fine Friday evening after work.


There are two restaurants with the name “Ray’s”, one is a bar called “Ray’s Cafe” and the other one is a fancy restaurant called “Ray’s Boathouse”.


As I got a message from ‘J’ that he was running late,

I went to came in the one in the first floor, which was the fancy “Ray’s Boathouse”.

Of course I didn’t know that he meant the bar upstairs which is one-third of the price.


When ‘J’ arrived late, it was too late to correct change

as I was already sitting at a the table and looking at the sunset!


Anyway, that’s how we met and had a our luxurious first date at Ray’s

2 years and 8 month ago today.


Secret Tattoo – 11/19/12

Corrected by Tutor ‘johnn’

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