Day 235. Spirit of the Marathon

Feb 22, 2013

am going to run my first marathon, 26.2 miles in three weeks.
A few days ago, I found the documentary ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ on Apple TV and have been looking forward to watching it.
After a heavy dinner, feeling somewhat depressed and stressed as I’m behind a schedule, however, I felt I needed some kind of inspiration and encouragement so I turned on the TV and watched the whole film.
During the one hour and forty five minutes, I was totally engrossed in the film. The documentary is about five people who were running the Chicago marathon in 2005. For to some of them, it was the first run. I was following their journey, including training days and the actual run,including their fear, excitement, and accomplishment. When they crossed the finish line, I cried with them.
The documentary definitely inspired me not only because I’m a runner, but also because it reminded me that each step counts in a long journeycounts and I should move forward with my pace.
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