D-11 Juggling

June 13, 2013

I am taking pre-enrollment courses offered by Kellogg; I just finished math and am now taking financial accounting. Thanks to my undergraduate major in business, I kind of know what they are talking about, otherwise it would be really hard studying new concepts in English!

Slowly, I’m figuring out how hard the year ahead will be, doing startup and study at the same time. The toughest part of all so far is feeling unproductive since switching from one to another takes time and effort.

I chose this so I’ll deal with it happily!

About April

aprkim.com (English & 한글) secrettattoo.blog.me (한글) @aprkim


  1. Great to find a fellow Kellogg blogger! Hope to see u in Evanston this fall 🙂

    • Hi pyarapopat,
      Very glad to find you too! 🙂 I just arrived in Evanston this morning. I’m for 1Y program, and the CIM starts on Monday! Looking forward to meeting you too!

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