D-2 Hello Evanston!

I’m writing this at the dinning table of somebody’s house in Evanston, a house I found through the Airbnb.

Last night, I finally announced that I’d delegate ChattingCat’s CEO role to G, the current CTO, while I’m attending Kellogg.

G and others all know that the announcement won’t change much as I cannot really hand-off ChattingCat. How can I? ChattingCat is my baby. Yet surprisingly, the announcement has taken a lot of weight off me.

After I sent the email out, I could finally start packing for school. It was midnight. When I finished packing, I took a sweet 30-minute nap and left home at 4:15 AM to catch a flight at 6:00 AM. I know, I’m super fast when it comes to packing after moving… (let me count…) 8 times in 4 years (including three states).

I fell asleep immediately on the plane after drinking a cup of coffee and continued sleeping until landed in Chicago.

Finally, I am in Evanston (Chicago)! Whew~! 🙂


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