MBAs vs. Entrepreneurs

The growing case that entrepreneurs don’t need an MBA

April 2013

“The MBA program is designed to teach people to look at prior data and patterns in order to identify future outcomes. In the real world, this just does not work when it comes to new markets or innovation.”

Why Entrepreneurs Need an MBA

May 2013

“Regardless of your education and credentials, working for an entrepreneur or being one is not for the faint of heart. An MBA degree will give you many of the tools you’ll need, but the degree doesn’t guarantee success. You’ll incur more debt, but you’ll also open yourself up to a whole new community of people who can help you make your idea work—and in the future, maybe even participate in funding your business. Passion, timing, and the right idea, in addition to your MBA degree, will play an important role in your success.”

Is an MBA Still Necessary?

Sep 2012

“When it comes to entrepreneurship, the question of whether to invest in an MBA degree becomes even stickier. Can the necessary skills for successful entrepreneurship be taught? Can those with MBAs operate effectively only within large corporations? Are recent entrepreneurial MBA degrees worth the time and money?”

Should Entrepreneurs Have MBAs?

Sep 2011

“A great B-school education won’t guarantee success, but should improve the odds. It will accelerate your growth, compressing years of hard knocks insights into a short time. It will build your business acumen and help you understand the pitfalls and risks on which other businesses have foundered.”

Does an Entrepreneur Need an MBA?

Nov 2010

“In my opinion, entrepreneurship is a matter of the heart, and education is a matter of the brain. It is difficult to teach a heart.”

“The same is true with entrepreneurship. Understanding strategy, finance and marketing can be very helpful. But it’s also important to possess self-confidence, a need for independence, energy and passion, curiosity, and an ability to communicate ideas. If you don’t have these natural assets, you’ll struggle as an entrepreneur.”

To be continued… 🙂

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  1. Education has oh so many faces. Thanks for sharing.

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