My Memories with Former President Park Geun-hye

Finally, former president Park was arrested today.

She was the first and the only president I have met. I not only met her, but I also escorted her, for over an hour, during the “Creative Korea 2014” fair as a young promising female entreprenuer.

Park Geun-hye

In 2015, I had the chance to introduce my service to Park at the Google Campus Seoul opening. I remember that one of her cabinet members told me that the president knew my name from the fair last year. She actually remembered that we had met before.


It was a honor for me to meet the president twice, not because it was Park Geun-hye, but because of the authority of the office. To me, she was the president of Korea, regardless of my political stance or how popular she was.



About a year and a half later, in December of 2016, I was at Gwanghwamun Square with millions of people to protest president Park Geun-hye stepping down. It was a very cold Saturday, and we’d just had the first snow of the year. I was there for almost ten hours with millions of minds that wanted to protect the justice of this country. My toes and hands were freezing but I felt warm at heart because I knew that I was doing the right thing and the sense of guilt was somewhat relieved, guilt that, as a citizen, I was too ignorant about my society.


(Note: I must admit, I was a little hesitant to post my protest photos on social media at first. Because, as a business person, I take a risk by publicly showing my political views. But, I did post it, wishing that more people would join the crowd.)



Now, it’s March 2017. Part Geun-hye is now in prison. Looking back over these past three years, I cannot believe all that has happened. I was never into politics or political issues before. I’m glad that I’ve witnessed and participated in the changes that all the citizens have made together. I’m glad that justice prevailed. Finally, I feel that I have become an adult, a responsible citizen.


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