Day 41. Bonding over our Olympic Victory

2-0 win over Japan!

I watched the game with my parents and J.

J left work early and came home to be part of our Olympic soccer craze.

As I am an immigrant here the US now, watching the Korean game against Japan is even more special.

First, I feel lucky to watch the game with my parents during their visit and, second, I am so  happy to invite J to experience this touching moment with my Korean family.

J will never completely understand what this win mean to Koreans.

He will never feel the same as I feel.

However, showing him my genuine reaction, jumping off a couch and dancing around as the Korean players “kick butt”, helps him understand.

That way, when we have mini April in our family, all three of us will dance and sing around with true excitement.

I hope the passion that makes me proud of being Korean still alive in my heart, years after years.

Secret Tattoo – 8/10/12

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